39th World Religions Conference

Sunday, Sept. 22, 2019 (Tentative time: 12:30 pm ~ 6:00 pm)                    

Humanities Theatre, Hagey Hall, University of Waterloo                   

Theme: How to Establish a Just Society

Canada's Largest Multi Faith Event

The 39th World Religions Conference is scheduled for Sunday, September 22, 2019 at the Humanities Theatre, University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.  Scholars from various religions and philosophical traditions are invited to participate. 

The World Religions Conference (WRC) is a multi-faith event which brings together well-known scholars from the world’s major religions to speak on a common topic from the point of view of their respective religious traditions. For 39 years, the WRC has served as an invaluable forum for different religious and ethnic communities to gather in the spirit of tolerance, peace, cooperation, and understanding. The WRC serves the noble purpose of educating members of the community regarding interesting and relevant topics by providing a platform where all major religions can pool their collective wisdom and teachings regarding the topic. Continually on the rise in terms of organizational standards, quality of content, and attendance, the WRC has become Canada's largest and longest running event of its kind!

The conference has a long tradition for bringing together renowned scholars for a deep and thought-provoking exchange of ideas. The event aims to explore the teachings and practices of different religious and philosophical traditions, with the hope that such mutual exploration will encourage better understanding and promote harmonious co-existence among the members of the society.

Potential Participating Religions and Philosophical Traditions:

Christianity, Islam, Sikhism, Bahai Faith, Buddhism, Hinduism, Indigenous Spirituality, Judaism and Humanism (Atheism and Agnostics)

Call for Speakers and Partner Organizations:

The 39th World Religions Conference will be held this fall on September 22, 2019 at the University of Waterloo. The conference has been organized in Canada since 1981. It has a long tradition for bringing together renowned scholars for a deep and thought-provoking exchange of ideas. The event aims to explore the teachings and practices of different religious and philosophical traditions, with the hope that such mutual exploration will encourage better understanding and promote harmonious co-existence among the members of the society.

Our aim is to find speakers who are best suited to the spirit of the conference and are knowledgeable in their religious or philosophical perspective on this year’s topic. In order to make the event appealing to the widest audience possible, the proposed speakers should be known in their respective organizations and the community at large.

Theme: How To Establish A Just Society

The theme selected for this year's conference is "How to Establish a Just Society". In a world strife with conflict, can religion lead mankind to establish a just society? How about humanism and its role? We invite organizations from the leading faith groups and philosophical traditions to tackle this daunting question in the theme of this year’s conference.

Date of Event: Sunday, September 22, 2019. 12:30pm to 6:00pm (Tentative)
Venue: Humanities Theatre, University of Waterloo

Speaker Recommendations

Deadline: Friday May 31, 2019

Each proposal should contain details on the proposed speaker including a brief biography, affiliation, and current involvement in the community and a recent high resolution digital photograph.

Our plan is to finalize the list of speakers by May 31, 2019 to allow for enough time to produce conference publications and effectively promote the conference.

In the spirit of sharing knowledge and exchanging ideas, promoted by the conference, all speakers are required to be present during all sessions of the conference.

Format of Event

The tentative conference schedule will run from 12:30pm to 6:00pm and will consist of the following agenda:

• Welcome and Introduction to this year's theme
• Greetings from dignitaries.
• Presentations by speakers and recitations from Holy Scriptures. (Typically, eight faith groups are represented)
• An interactive session to allow the audience to engage the speakers.

Dinner, refreshments and breaks for social will be provided.

A more-detailed program will soon be shared with partners.

Participation from Partner Organizations:

Items where participation from partner organizations is expected:

Scripture Recitations

Each faith representative will have the opportunity to recite from his/her respective Holy Scripture (and also read the translation, if original not in English). The person(s) reciting the scripture should start off by first stating the name of his/her faith and Holy Scripture and thereafter recite the selected portion from the Holy Scripture. Typically a group of members from the organization participate in this segment. Please provide us the name of the person(s) who will be reciting from the Holy Scriptures by August 16, 2019.

Display Table

WRC Partner organizations are invited to set up displays at WRC Bazaar space. This may include display and promotion of items like books, literature, artifacts, etc or the promotion of your organization. Space is limited and therefore will be provided on a first-come-first-serve basis. World Religions Conference Partners are entitled to table space at no charge if space is available. Other vendors and organizations will be charged $50.00. Partner organizations and interested parties should register for a table space online here for a table at WRC Bazaar. WRC Bazaar table registration will open on May 31, 2019.

Multi-Media Screen

Partner organizations are invited to provide us with a digital multimedia files including images and presentations of their respective faiths. These files will be included in the Multi-Media large screen display in the foyer (Lobby) area of the conference. Please email the file to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or provide us with a USB drive with the files by August 27, 2019.

Guidelines for Speakers and Participants of the World Religions Conference

The following are general guidelines for all speakers and presenters at the conference prepared by the organizing committee of the World Religions Conference
(in consultation with all WRC partners)

1. In the best interest of inter-religious harmony and understanding and in keeping with the traditions of the World Religions Conference, the speeches and presentations may please be focused on the theme of the conference, presenting only the beauties and magnificence of one's own faith and philosophical traditions without casting aspersions on others' faiths and beliefs.

2. Any comparison with the teachings of a specific religion or a group of religions from a geographical region, may only be made in an objective manner aimed at promoting better understanding and respect between the followers of various religions or philosophical traditions.

3. The discourses and presentations may please be based and drawn entirely on the holy scriptures (with specific references from the respective holy scriptures) and religious traditions of the respective faiths; and philosophical traditions of those who not subscribe to any religion.

4. In order to best manage the various logistics involved at the conference and to have adequate time available for a purposeful discussion at the end, the speakers and presenters are requested to strictly observe the time allocated.

5. In order to ensure a meaningful discourse, the speakers and participating organizations are requested to remain present during the three sessions of the conference and be available to respond to any questions and informal discussions.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Refreshments and dinner will be served at the conference venue.

 Guests and delegates wishing to attend the event, should also register as space is limited. Event registration will open on May 31, 2019. There is not cost to attend the event.

This event will be streamed live here at the conference website as well. 

Free parking arrangement at Lot H of the University of Waterloo. Lot H is located immediately across Hagey Hall, Humanities theatre.

For more info call:  1-877-INFO-WRC